This page is for two kinds of people -the ones who collect art, and the ones who make art.   


For Collectors:

Preserving Art:

If you are in the first category -the collector- you probably know what you are doing, (You'd better!), and I'm not sure what I can offer.  If, on the other hand, you have inherited a valuable collection from dear departed Aunt Tilly, and are not sure what to do, begin with my articles on general Preservation.  They deal with light, moisture, bugs, crooks, and such.  I like the  UPPER MIDWEST CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION  for advanced curatorial storage advice.  


Displaying Art:

Putting a framed picture in a Jersey-case might seem to be gilding the lily, but then again, if the frame is as old and/or is as valuable as the art-work itself, perhaps it's not all that silly to protect the whole thing in its own display case.  Additionally, my work is available with acrylic windows, and acrylic is opaque to UV light, and UV light is a very bad thing for art-work -particularly art-work with color.  


shadow boxes

If your art isn't flat, you might consider one of my Shadow-boxes. If it's a good sized statue or the like, and wants to be seen from all sides, look into having a custom plastic cover made.  I don't do this sort of thing, but there are plastic fabricators in most cities.  They are not cheap, but it's straight-forward work and they have lots of experience dealing with people who may not be accustomed to specifying dimensions and materials etc. for a fabrication project.  

Additionally, check out Designing Your Own Custom Display Case for insight on the nuts and bolts.  Might be helpful to read Hiring Carpenters, and Other Useful Things -if only to pick up on some of the lingo that this sort of people use.  


For Artists:

It is the nature of creativity -or the sort of creativity that makes tangible art- to draw inspiration from lots of places.  One of those sources is often nothing more then an interesting thing / do-dad / pile of do-dads.  To put it another way, it is the nature of artists to like to have a lot of stuff around.  Otherwise neat and well organized people will have about a million tubes of paint scattered all willy-nilly about her 'studio.' For example, I built this case...

drawer case for pastels

...for an artist's pastels.  Ever been in someone's sewing room?  If it's more then a year old, you will almost certainly find drawers and shelves crammed with left-over fabric.  And what about wood-workers you ask?  Yep -my shop is crammed with interesting bits of left-over wood I plan to do something with. Someday. 

My point is that creativity needs stuff and places to put stuff and best of all -tidy organized places to put stuff where it can be found later with a minimum of swearing. And this is where my Architectural drawer-cases are perfect.

artist's drawer case

To see how this case-work might come together to make a absolutely kick-butt studio, check out my Design Slide-show.




Dick Blick

Dick Blick is simply the best place to buy art supplies.  And if you have a artist wan'a-be in your life, (and you are real cheap), their catalogue is a great gift all by itself.  But the best thing about Dick Blick is what it does to your tongue when you say it over and over  -Dick Blick Dick Blick Dick Blick Dick Blick Dick Blick Dick Blick....  see what I mean?


 art net
Art.Net (AKA Art on the Net), is a great sprawling site of, by, and for artists with lots of other resources.





Poster Classics offers vintage posters from Europe around the turn of the century.  Beautiful old stuff -and some not so old -and lots of information & history as well.





ar galleryArt Gallery -Worldwide is pretty much what it says it is, an international art gallery of up-and-comers. All you have to do it pick the next undiscovered Picasso and you will be rich. 

vintage posterIn a similar vein, we have Vintage Poster Art.  Also European & antique, but with a slightly different flavor.



art factsWant to know what a given painting might be worth?  Or just want to look at some nice art?  Art Facts has almost one & a half million auction references cum prices and 300 thousand+ pictures.



art collectingCheck out Art Collecting.  This is a great site to get you started in this rewarding pursuit and has lots of excellent (and serious) advice on preserving art.


Sephari ArtNot sure who or what this Sephari is, nor what to make of it, but he/ she / they have a nice site full of interesting stuff.



Studio Treasures Art

Not only a source for all kind'a art -Sudio Treasure is a killer on-line art history & appreciation resource.