This is what I know about Americana -it means stuff from America. A word that is just a little less slippery then 'collectables' but not much. None-the-less, it's a fun category -even if what's Americana to me might not be such to you. And vice-versa. 

For example, I had a lunch box when I was in 1st grade that featured the Polaris Submarine.  Pictures and diagrams.  (And if you know your  military history / Americana, this will give you a hint as to how old I am.)  Along about 2nd or 3rd grade I decided printed tin lunch-boxes were not cool and told my mom I wanted to take my lunch to school in a brown paper bag.   Forgot all about my submarine lunch box till not long ago when I saw one at the local flea market for a reasonable price.  You know the rest of the story and can you blame me?   One of these days I get around to putting it in a shadow box and putting a picture of it in my Customer's Scrapbook.


Storage and Display for Americana: 

shadow boxesWhile items of Americana may well be very delicate and valuable, the fun of this category is in handling and using them.  They are also of sufficiently various sizes and shape that is is difficult to suggest a single means of storing them.  Certainly my shadow boxes allow the item to be protected and yet removed for handling.   And if the item is TOO attractive, consider a display cases with locking doors..




walnut drawer caseFor the smaller items, any of my drawer cases would serve, particularly the Multi Depth Drawer Cases.  This  has the added advantage of being very adaptable as to the depth of the drawers, as well as giving you the ability to change the drawers around as your collection evolves.





display coffee tableFor the biggest items in your collection, consider a Display Coffee-table to really high-light your collectables.







Preservation for Items of Americana:

Cleaning is always a good place to start. Check out...

cleaningCleaning Fine Collectables and Antiques Part I: -What to Use






cleaningCleaning Fine Collectables and Antiques Part II: -How-To





...and for that matter, read all my...





Interesting Links:

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erbervTwo and a quarter milliom information items in their database? Wow -if it ain't in the Americana Exchange -you don't need to know it. 


Imperial Glass

The National Imperial Glass Collectors' Society was founded to enlighten people, about one of our greatest heritages: the American hand-made glass industry and of the Imperial Glass Corporation,




CollectOS sez 'Whatever you collect, they have Online Service for you.  Appears to be true. A nice, well organized, and interesting site.